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Updated 2021-04-01
Developer stick
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Lovely Moment with a Married Woman

stick's 4th release is an animated ADV about having adulterous sex with a married woman.

* H scenes are fully animated down to expressions, speed, and climaxes!

* Cross-sections and cumming cut-ins are included; watch the semen flood her womb!

* Erotic voice and SFX; enjoy the mature and flirtatious voice of voice actress Mei Misonoo

* Special viewing mode included. Get the perfect ero cut!

* A variety of situations. From sex, to fellatio, to titjobs, irrumatio, anal licking and preg-belly plowing!

* The adult charms of wife Miyuki. This sumptuous married woman has a hot body, and unlimited lust.
Just make sure her husband doesn't find out...

CV: Mei Misonoo as Miyuki Kamishiro

Circle stick:

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