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Updated 2021-09-19
Developer HappyLambBarn



Lost Life

◆Future updates
Future large-scale updates
Definitely add new positions, scenes, and new endings
The price will also go up, but the player who has already purchased will not have to add further amounts.

◆ Version history


First person perspective touch Flash game
Full 30fps hand-drawn video
Free touch experience
Reaction changes depending on the strength of the piston
Convenient AUTO and two-handed switching
Take-off of clothes sticking to the details PLAY

◆Audio material
Tiger Lily / cv :貴貴 涼 涼」

The scene that was included in the current version is 2 of "missionary position" "blowjob".
We plan to add new scenes in future updates.

※ Note:it contains content that makes you feel uncomfortable to a man by chance※

※ Note:Since this work was developed and produced in FLASH,please be sure to check the operation in the trial version before purchasing.

*We have not implemented any elements in the current version yet.We will update it in the future.
Because it is unfinished, I will lower the price than the original planned price.
Please note that the price may be restored after the update is complete in the future.


◆Future updates
Large future updates
Add new poses, scenes, endings
Prices will increase, but players who have already purchased
will not be charged any additional fees.

◆Version History


- First-person view Touchy-Feely Flash Game
- Hand-drawn Animations All in 30FPS
- Experience free and easy touch function
- Different drags trigger different sex piston speeds
- Easily use the left and right hand AUTO functions
- Detailed Undressing Features

◆ Sound Materials
Tiger Lily / CV: Ryou Suzuki

The current version contains "Missionary Sex" and "Blowjob" scenes.
Planned to add new scenes.

※ Attention: Contains content that makes men feel uncomfortable
※ Please confirm system compatibility via the trial version before purchasing.
※ The current version is not yet complete, and other positions will be added in the future.
※ The price has also been adjusted accordingly, will be changed after the future update.

※ Multi Language: English, Chinese (Traditional), Japanese

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