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Updated 2020-07-18
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ー Story
to the king(you)who is living an ascetic life in a certain situation
The youngest princess in Harlem(Doris CV:Honda Miki・sama)appears in a good mood.
Late at night, it is clear what she came to ask for as a virgin.
you're trying to get her pregnant, and you're trying to get her pregnant, and you're trying to get her pregnant, and you're trying to get her pregnant, and you're trying to get her pregnant, and you're trying to get her pregnant.
I was so worried about Doris ' naive and straight courtship...

楚 Neat and clean heroine who becomes indecent every time it overlaps the climax
the heroine asks for sex for the purpose of making a child
Because it is the first experience of the great deal, I do not have to give plenty of pant even in the virgin.
For this reason, unlike the previous work, this work is not only for players to endure the feeling of ejaculation、
From here we have adopted a function to actively shake the waist and climax the heroine many times.
In addition, for those who want to poke after having ejaculated in the vagina, continuous ejaculation function is also equipped.

While sharing the pleasure with a neat and quiet girl
Let's wake up to the joy of the woman at your favorite pace.

休憩 Rest system that can control ejaculation Feeling
The rest system with a sense of dialogue that was popular in the previous work is also adopted in this work.
Even if it seems to be alive ahead of the heroine, you can stop the movement for several tens of seconds and arrange your breath.
During a break or immediately after the climax, you can afford to flirt with the heroine.
It is recommended to take a few breaks (within reasonable limits).

難易度 Adjustment of difficulty by foreplay
If you have a strong penis, it is possible to raise the difficulty of the production by increasing the ejaculation feeling in foreplay.
Of course, we also adopt a break system for foreplay, and you can raise the ejaculation feeling gently while exchanging words with the heroine.
Even if you ejaculate in foreplay, you can rest assured that the recovery time(interval)until the production is provided on the story(?It's a good idea.
I can't wait to see you again!!!!!!!!!!!..."And there is also added a function to please her of the attack hand in pant.

ピ Pillow Talk X11 pattern to enhance post-mortem satisfaction
Depending on the content of the etch, the conversation content of the epilogue changes to 11 types.
Please enjoy the recollection of the first night by the heroine who became glossy variously.

れ Other-Flow of the work
- Title screen (Pie touch possible)
- Prologue
- Foreplay: 86 kinds of difference such as fellatio(tongue technique, mouth technique, facial cumshot, cumshot in the mouth)
- Interval X2(there is a knee pillow)
- Production: Difference 173 types such as cowgirl(intercrural sex, piston, grind, spurt, continuous cum, continuous ejaculation)
- Epilogue (Multi・Pillow Talk-All 11 types)

1 20 minutes to play (Total video time:107 minutes)

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1プレイ目安 20分(総動画時間:107分)


Live2Dで動くイソップ寓話 screenshotLive2Dで動くイソップ寓話 screenshotLive2Dで動くイソップ寓話 screenshotLive2Dで動くイソップ寓話 screenshotLive2Dで動くイソップ寓話 screenshotLive2Dで動くイソップ寓話 screenshotLive2Dで動くイソップ寓話 screenshotLive2Dで動くイソップ寓話 screenshotLive2Dで動くイソップ寓話 screenshotLive2Dで動くイソップ寓話 screenshot

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