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Updated 2021-08-11
Developer Adult's Hobby
Rip by mikocon


Little Sister Sweet Neoteny

Note: This game is only available in the trial version and can be played to the end of all scenes.
The product version comes with Omake room(brother and sister setting)(but sound)

The dungeon looked peaceful at first glance.
there's a bunch of weird erotic trap rooms.
Estrus flowers bloom wildly,just a cave without an exit.
"Don't let my sister get into this dungeon all of a sudden!"」

The main character (brother / name can be changed) is with the sister
just to escape the dungeon that you can not get out without sex
It is a simple touch short simulation game

◆ It is a male protagonist, it is a type to talk(it is silent during erotic)
◆ The face of the older brother can be ON / OFF.
◆ Erosichu is brother and sister Ichaicha only
◆ Battle is automatic, reduce HP and win.
◆ Play time is about the fastest 5 minutes
◆ Basic erotic CG6 sheets(it is a standing picture+cut-in anime format)

◆ This game is made in RPG Maker MV


* Notes: This game can be played fully via the trial version.
The full version contains a bonus room (sibling setting / wholesome)

The dungeon looked unassuming at a glance.
However, it was set with strange erotic trap rooms with no exit before pleasure.
Why oh why did my little sister decide to suddenly enter this place...

A short touching simulation game about a brother and sister trapped in a room they can only escape by having sex.

- Brother face ON / OFF / Name-change included
- Lovey incest situations only
- Battles are automatic
- Playtime: Approx. 5 minutes at the fastest
- 6 base CG (pose art + cut-ins)

Made in RPG TKool MV

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