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Updated 2015-09-08
Developer 73号坑道
Language jap
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2.37 (24419)

Lilitales -リリテイルズ-

■ Please check the operation in the trial version before purchase
- Support version up and bug fixes by re-download.We recommend purchasing after membership registration.

■ Synopsis
Royal seal's Tomb, Chandola ruins……
The third Princess, Jill Grant, and her entourage went to the place for a pilgrimage.
After the Knight's ordination ceremony, renarie, a new Knight, joins the guard and enjoys a moment of joy with her childhood friend Jill.

However, in the middle of the return journey, they will face the worst disaster……

In order to recapture the princess, the girl Knight set out to a slave trading city where villains and scoundrels are rampant......

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Monsters and aiming at the body of the hero girl Knight Luna in the dungeon, slave hunting, villains are wriggling....
Even if you go out to the city, there is a lawless Slave Market City.If you show a gap, villains,slave merchants,gorotsuki, deceived,attacked,sold,taken off, and fucked....
The main objective of the hero is to recapture the Princess Jill.However, she is already trapped by the villains....
Time goes without mercy,and with each passing day, Jill is trained and interrogated by the hands of villains....
There is no respite.We have to rescue her as soon as possible.

■Genre: female protagonist insult type dungeon RPG
■ Basic CG: more than 50 sheets, total difference: more than 500 sheets
■ Use engine:nscripter
■ There is a voice (it is not a full voice)
■ CG, there is a Reminiscence Mode(scene before H scene also replay possible)
■ Always-on display mini map equipped
■ Situation
- Insulting and gangbang
- Bondage, restraint,gagged
- Dissimilar fuck, tentacles
- Prostitution,Virgin prostitution
- Slavery.
- Hypnosis,brainwashing,evil
- Sleep fuck
- Tickle.
- Undressing.
- Reverse rape.
- There is undressing attack
- There is H scene in battle
- There is a depiction that is conceived in a part of the scene
- Virgin play allowed (route limited)

■ Official teaser site

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The New York Times)
- Jill (Anna Uzuki))
- Cress (total name Sayaka-Sama)
Airi(Oyama Tyrol))

■System (inherited from the previous work)
It was the first time that the design of a fixed encounter system focused on search was taken over from the previous work.This time you can re-enter the dungeon and re-enter
There is no level raising, etc., but the main battle is mainly the use of skills and equipment(level up is also possible after clearing)
There are several monsters and enemy characters with Capture mode&H scenes during battle.

■System (new addition)
Cities and bases have been added to give you more freedom.
Equipped with time, days lapse system, you will be involved in the rescue of Princess Jill.
A minimap for Always-On Display has been added.





王女を奪還するべく、少女騎士はたった一人、 悪人とならず者の蔓延る奴隷交易都市へと旅立った……。







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