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Updated 2021-08-12
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Lewdly Corrupted Heroine Karen

Karen, a brave man who has mastered the power of light.

even though he was from a commoner, he was able to subdue many monsters.、
from the royal capital to the remote village……
she had no enemies on her way.――
The Demon King who was the opponent of this time was different.

for some reason, the power of light does not pass almost, and it meets in return……
Only one of them survives.

But while being tormented by helplessness, she did not give up、
I asked for help from the scientist"Eris", who is praised as a great sage.

So, what was presented was to throw away the power of light once and change the class to the dark attribute.
After heightening the power of darkness― the power of adultery-a hidden, equipped with the power of both light and darkness
Aim for a class.

However, it became a state called"darkness fall" in this world、
It was a dangerous road with the risk of falling into the act of Imbi.

―- Can Karen defeat the Demon King as a noble hero without falling down?

Or, to become famous as a nasty hero by falling without a shadow to see
I wonder if it will be......?


Heroine Karen wields the power of light to vanquish her foes.
Despite her humble peasant upbringing, she now fells monsters,
and has made a name for herself that is recognizable all across the kingdom.

But her greatest foe is the demon lord itself...
And during the battle, her light powers seemingly have no effect.
Her party is wiped, and she barely escapes by herself.

Karen refuses to give up though, and seeks help from a brilliant scientist named Eris.
Eris' suggestion is to abandon the light for now, and embrace the darkness.
As she increases her lewd power, perhaps a hidden holy class that mixes both light and dark awaits...?

However, in her now corrupted state,
she might also have trouble just making it through the world without giving in to pleasure.

Can she finish the deed she started, or will she lose herself along the way,
and become an infamous heroine of sluttiness?

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