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Updated 2022-06-19
Developer Golden Cat
Language original
Total size 728mb
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Original title: Leliam -レリアム-

◆ Story ◆

Theo, the main character, is an ordinary boy who dreams of becoming a royal palace trainer.

theo came to the village of liza, where he lives, as a school teacher.
She was a disproportionately young and beautiful woman in the countryside.

Leriam and Theo weave a wicked summer story……

■ Game content ■

by the expediency of the name of the contingency、
Theo, the main character who has to release the spirit regularly.
LERIAM of the beauty teacher will take off one skin in such an emergency.

H scene is what happens in a story or event、
2 types of free H that occur at points installed on the map.

as you progress through the story and deepen your relationship with leriam、
H scenes and free H points that occur will also increase.

In short, the boy and the female teacher of the main character do various erotic erotic things、
Just it is very easy to understand erotic RPG.

- Basic CG28 sheets, event is more than 70 scenes including text difference by stage
 The H event of the protagonist Theo and Leriam is the main

- 2 types of endings: Good end and normal end
 the story is basically a straight road without divergence.

- In this work, a super strong leriam teacher will accompany you basically
 So there is almost no worry of annihilation (because there is no defeat erotic anyway)

-The battle with the enemy can also be switched between normal combat and simple combat
 There is almost no need for troublesome level-ups

- Play time until completion is about 3-4 hours in simple battle
 We also implement recollection of H events and laps play

■ About trial version and operating environment ■

- This work is made in RPG Maker MV.
 Please check the operation in the trial version before purchasing.

- Save data transfer from the trial version to the product version unexpected bug
 It can cause damage to the skin.Please play without taking over the data in the product version.



















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