LeGendery Strangers ~Boy and Girl Heroes Tormented~ poster
Updated 2021-01-09
Developer ankoku marimokan



LeGendery Strangers ~Boy and Girl Heroes Tormented~

Childhood friends Shin and Michiru follow a mysterious rabbit one afternoon and end up in another
world as legendary heroes! There they undertake a quest to save Lavi, the princess of the rabbits.
But the monsters who stand in their way don't have the purest of intentions...

- An RPG where a girl AND a guy get violated!
It's all rape, so neither of them is having too good a time...

- 25 erotic animations!
Not a shota fan? There are items you can equip at any time to change things around!
You can even give it that NTR feel by only letting the heroine get fucked.
Or do the opposite. It's up to you!

- Double equipment system!
Both heroes can equip things like bikini armor or sexy underwear at the same time!

- Lots of modes!
CG, gallery, animation playback, and random battle modes are all included!
Clear the game to watch ever event.

26 base CGs
370 total
60 H scenes
25 in-battle animations

Please confirm compatibility via the trial version before purchase.

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