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Updated 2021-01-03
Developer Almonds & Big Milk


Lady Thief Misery

ー prologue

The female thief misery.
She was feared as a great thief......and as an extreme sexual madman.
She was originally a royal knight.、
One day, he became a sinner by reverse-raping the prince,and he was banished from the country and became a thief.

The standard of her behavior is all pleasure……
Always crave pleasure,seeking only pleasure, plundering, committing young and old.
To misery that does not seek even treasure sometimes, and acts only on the basis of pleasure、
"I'm not going to go to jail," he said.

Even if a well-known warrior or the same bandits attacked you、
They will return and continue to commit until their soul is exhausted.
Many admired his strength and notoriety.、
It was enough to form a band of bandits led by misery at some point.

But misery never changed.……
Today again, as usual, was indulged in pleasure.

▼ Story

The head of the infamous bandits, misery, was famous for his extreme sexuality.
Those who were attacked by her are all fucked and squeezed out,and a month becomes impossible.......

One day, misery is heard rumors of a dungeon to the men of the bandits.
Golden upholstery, holy aphrodisiac,ancient Hallows.
All of them jump up the sensitivity of the owner, Magic dirty tools.
And in the innermost part of it, it is said that a lamp containing a demon who fulfills a wish is placed.

Imagine the pleasure like a dream in the other place the subordinates of the half-confidence、
Misery is no longer needed.
Jump out of the hideout, aim for the treasure of the dungeon alone.......


- Misery.
A beautiful woman thief.
She has a beautiful appearance,but her ability is so much that even if men become a bunch of enemies.
He is the leader of a Bandits group that brings together the rough people.、
Even now, there is enough action power to get into the dungeon himself.

It is faithful to sexual desire anyway,and I do not feel sorry if I do not always suck the cock while I am in the hideout.

In the old days, he was gaining fame as a brave Royal Knight、
It was disturbing the morals of the knight by putting out a hand to the men randomly.

On top of that, one day, by having reversed-raped the Prince、
Finally, he became a sinner and flew out of the country.

Then become a bandit.
At first, he was active alone, but as he went around killing and committing other pirates attacking him, his power expanded.
The bandits formed will not kill you, but、
It is feared because it turns around committing young and old.

Erotic action

Misery, who loves sex、
You can seduce a man during the action and bring it to etch.
A variety of erotic animations are available.

* If HP or Libo is 0, the game will be over.
※ It is also compatible with the controller.

ー erotic event scene

Erotic animation of 1 picture is also available!
She has a big cock and a big cock in her mouth.、
Please enjoy the naughty scene of misery.

Erotic trap

There are various traps in the dungeon.
Unlike aggressive erotic and erotic event scenes、
Misery is prepared to be attacked eroticism.

- When you look inside the jar, you're dragged into the tentacles.
- Dildo-type monster jumps out from the foot and is inserted
- Be restrained by monsters (tentacles).The eggs are planted and the eggs are spawned.
- Fall into a pitfall and be fucked by tentacles where you can not move
- You're bound and blamed by a triangular wooden horse.
- The wall becomes the butt, the cage opens, the monster comes out and gets fucked
- Be restrained by tentacles and blame the nipple
- The intense urge to urinate is approaching.
- Get caught by a monster (changed to a machine hand), inject something into your chest and milk it.
- When you step on the puddle, slime comes out and gets fucked
- Masturbation with nasty gas
- Two hands bound and vibes from below
- Brush tentacle slider to stimulate the crotch
- Finger fuck with the hand that came out of nowhere (changed to machine hand)

▼ Other

Game screen size:1280x720
I have prepared tricks such as gallery opening, stage redo.
Voice actor: Paco Shirakawa


Resolution: 1280x720
There are secrets that unlock the gallery and stages.
CV: Pako Shirakawa

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