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Updated 2021-01-01
Developer Karaage Kompany


Lady Investigator Reika

ー game

It is an infiltration system stealth game.
You can stun the enemy with weapons such as a stun gun, or to get information or seduce with your sex appeal.
In addition, reasoning, mystery solving, there is such as cheats using the timing bar.

The standing picture and the event picture are all animated and will be full voice.

When the game is over, training (massage, injection...) is also possible!
Whiplash, electric shock,such as training game and auction, will be exhausted as long as the humiliation.

There is also a change of clothes(rubber suit, Suk water, etc.).

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National Security Committee."NSC".
It is the only self-governing body recognized in the country that specializes in unjustified violence and criminal organizations.

This time, Reika of the undercover investigator collects evidence of illegal activities of the emerging gang"Futamata group".
He tries to infiltrate the Futamata-Gumi building to contact and negotiate with the young head.

In the enemy hideout where outrageous people gather, can Reika survive safely?

▽ Story

Reika, a National Security Agency agent, was struggling to crush the criminal gang on a daily basis.
However, even if small criminal organizations are reduced, crime will not decrease if large areas survive in the end.
So, Reika focused on the recently burgeoning criminal organization and planned to crush the bud of crime from there.

H scene

Bondage, gangbang, rape, or temptation, such as Reverse Rape, there are many regular situations of undercover investigators!
A woman investigator with a high pride, like a beautiful and slender picture is caught by the enemy…

Such as destroying the strong mental power, super intense humiliation is done! And training..., obedience....
Please enjoy how the heroine is disturbed.

In addition, all the standing and Event Pictures are animated!
There is a difference such as clothes and number of people depending on clothes difference and event scene.

The voice actor is Paco Shirakawa,full voice!

Not only the usual H scene, but also the event scene that interweaving the game is prepared.

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- Reika.
The National Safety Commission (NSC) has the highest crime arrest rate.
He is an elite investigative officer of both the military and the military.
If it is to crush the enemy organization, it will pull off whatever it is.

- Sasaki.
Reika's immediate boss.
He has confidence in Reika, and Reika also trusts Sasaki.


The top investigator with the NSC.
She's got beauty and ability, and will do anything it takes to crush the gang.

Reika's boss.
The two of them trust each other.

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