Lady Agent Gina poster
Updated 2021-07-19
Developer arkham
Rip by mikocon

Lady Agent Gina

Gina Lovelace, beautiful spy.
An espionage elite with a body to die for.

Her mission: to infiltrate U-Country and take back the Goldbreeder, a revolutionary alchemizer created by Dr. Golden Goldski.

Gina's stunning looks are key to her success. She'll be using them to hide in plain sight, dazzling and disarming.

* Widescreen 1280x720 graphics
* Fully voiced heroine (CV: Mako Ayane)

* MISSION 1 As a Stewardess on an airplane
* MISSION 2 As a Brazilian model on a tropical beach
* MISSION 3 As a Casino bunny girl
* MISSION 4 Infiltration via Maid service
* MISSION 5 Capture and interrogation by the enemy
* MISSION 6 Counterstrike!

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