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Updated 2017-12-03
Version 1.03
Developer Neko no Meme
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2.29 (288)

LAB2-UndeR GrounD-

A few months have passed since the prequel, "LAB-Still Alive-" incident.
This time another incident is taking place in an underground research facility.
Misa went to investigate but her whereabouts are unknown. Sae heads off to find her.
Just what is happening in the underground facility...
Where has Misa head off too... and what fate awaits Sae...?

[Game Contents]
- An exploration style side-scrolling action game.
- Use ranged and melee weapons efficiently to proceed through the game.
- The pixel art animation, action, zooming and other features have been powered up.
- Some enemies have multiple restraining patterns.

* Enemies and animation upgrades and
extra maps / system features are planned!

Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates.
Confirm system compatibility via the trial version.

* Gallery Mode Is Added (updated to Ver_1_05)

LAB2-UndeR GrounD- screenshotLAB2-UndeR GrounD- screenshotLAB2-UndeR GrounD- screenshotLAB2-UndeR GrounD- screenshot

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