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Updated 2020-06-02
Developer Hurricane Dot Com
Rip by s-hentai

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Kyouko-sama Ero Mini Games!


When the tanned slut Kyouko Adachi took out her smartphone, do you know what she was doing on it?

* In the previous work "Kyouko-sama Wants To Get Laid!", if you don't do anything, she takes out her smartphone.
* This game can be enjoyed even if you haven't played the previous work.

It turns out she was playing a smartphone game. An ero one, at that!
Now its time for you to get hooked on the games she was playing!

Erotic Pixel Animation:
Characters and animations are pixelated! Over 1000 pieces of pixel art including variations!
2 game types are included, both controllable with only the mouse.

Make Kyouko Your Dick Slave!
Click on Kyouko, and move up and down while holding.
After filling the Ejaculation Meter on the right, you clear the game.
Includes 3 types of ero (fellatio, from behind, cowgirl), and 3 stages of variations

Train RAPE:
Click the icon for molester action.
Ejaculation Meter (left): Ejaculate when full.
Pleasure Meter (center): As it rises, Kyouko's expression changes (3 stages)
Sleep Meter (right): When full, Kyouko falls asleep. Game over

As usual, love has been poured into every pixel!

1) 600x400 Resolution
2) The game uses large full-size pixel art.
3) Created with smartphone mini-games in mind.
4) Contains depictions of internal cumshots.
5) Mouse-control only! Can be played with one hand, so your other hand is free for other purposes.

Please visit for update information and more!

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