Kurukuru Fanatic poster
Updated 2017-05-18
Developer Chien
Language eng

Kurukuru Fanatic

Original title: くるくる・ファナティック

What!? Am I dead yet!? The cause of my death was probably a heavy blow on my back..., not sure. What I know now is I once died, but came back to life. However, I'll die again if I don't find the cause of my death in five days. "Well, good luck. I don't think you make it...," Fanuru, an angel who raised me from the dead, says to me. Anyway, I'll just do it! I have reliable friends, Wazuka, Matsuri, and Otogiri. I can do it! What? What is it...? Do you have something shining...? You're not the one who killed me, are you...?

Kurukuru Fanatic screenshotKurukuru Fanatic screenshotKurukuru Fanatic screenshotKurukuru Fanatic screenshotKurukuru Fanatic screenshotKurukuru Fanatic screenshotKurukuru Fanatic screenshotKurukuru Fanatic screenshotKurukuru Fanatic screenshot
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