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Updated 2021-09-03
Developer kunounohosi

Kunoichi Uzuki

Kunoichi Uzuki is the protector of the young leader of her village.
She encounters a demon she defeated once before, but her kind and beloved master falls for the demon's claim that it has reformed.
Now the demon is allowed to live in the village...and it's goal is of course, Uzuki's sexy body!

The protagonist. A cool and powerful ninja that guards the young village leader.
However, a curse is starting to turn her to the lewd side...

The Young Master
A kind village leader who is overly trusting to a fault.

A demon that caused considerable trouble at the village temple until getting defeated by Uzuki.
However, it has returned, and curses Uzuki, aiming to turn her into it's slave...

A simple dungeon-delving action game with low difficulty, and quickly progressing story.
As you advance through the game, you'll get to enjoy plenty of H scenes involving Uzuki and the demon.
Over time, Uzuki will go full ahegao, and her eyes will be all hearts for her big red demon man.
The curse is aiming to turn her into the demon's slave.

Scene Reminiscence
Text box transparency
No Game Over setting

* The main theme of the H is NTR.
The H content gets more hardcore towards the end of the story, as Uzuki is further corrupted.

Made in RPG TKool MV

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