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Updated 2021-03-20
Developer Studio Neko Kick
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Kunoichi Kaede (English Ver.)

[Product description provided by the creator.]

** prologue

evil has never ruled the world.
but, these days, there's a rumor that, there's a daikan making mad money
by kidnapping women, turning them into sex toys, and selling them off to Nanban.
a huge crime involving other countries, could flip the whole country over.

Kunoichi Kaede received an order.
the client is a government officer.

Kaede "I am just a ninja, a disposable blade
I'm an arrow, that when once let off, it will never go back to it's case"

Kunoichi Kaede ran throughout the night city.
to kill the evil daikan, and bring back peace to the city and country.

** battle fuck

this is a battle fuck that enemies will use horny attack during battle.
horny attack branches out, and there are 30 different types.
when the enemy is many, you will get a gang bang(rape).
kill the enemy by avoiding the variety filled horny attacks.

** trap

there are many traps in the castle for intruders.
unlock the traps, find secret places, and advance.
try searching suspicious places many times.

** heroine

Kunoichi Kaede

assassin. due to oyakata-sama's orders
goes inside the evil castle alone
to kill the evil daikan who is doing whatever he wants in town

has a calm personality. cruel and doesn't you emotions on face
has confidence to not fall even when receiving horny attacks.
uses venus flytraps as a ninja.

** cast(voice actor)

Kaede -- Pako Shirakawa

Princess -- Seiju-fan

girl -- Mio Shimojiro

girl2/town mob -- Yumeha Kisaragi

girl1 -- Hikaru Nishida

girl3/town girlA -- Mofuru Nanase

girl4/town girlB -- Natsume Suzuka

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