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Updated 2020-05-25
Developer Little Minutes
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Katalina's Work

Katalina is a magic item crafter who has taken to doing guild jobs to stay afloat financially.
She receives a job to guard a certain girl named Marianne as she makes her way to the
town of Leeds to meet her boyfriend, who she has eloped with.
It should be a simple job, however, it seems Marianne is hiding something...

An action game with 2 types of battle systems.
With the main protagonist, you fight in a real-time battle system with mouse and keyboard,
where you must protect your allies as they support you with various techniques.
Enemies drop orbs, which can be used to boost the status of you or your allies.

In the warrior part, you fight in an orthodox real-time battle system.
As your clothing gets ripped, your defense goes down, and you become exposed
to sexual harassment and ecchi attacks.

Depending on the protagonist's actions in the first part, your infamy in town
may cause the citizens to become cold, and even punishing...

In part two, there are crafting, gathering, fishing, cooking, etc. elements as well.
If you fulfill certain conditions, you may be able to seduce villagers at night as well...

A bonus EX dungeon is included as well with no relation to the main story.

[Other features]
- No game overs
- Play stages as much as you want
- Difficulty settings
- Cross-sections can be toggled on / off
- New Game+ included
- Clothing dress-up for the protagonist and 3 companions (not shown in CG, walking graphics, etc.)
- Lots of mini-games included to get money or items
- Multiple endings (3 for part 1, 2 for part 2)
- Lots of sub-events

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