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Updated 2020-07-06
Developer Innocent Grey
Language eng
Total size 3gb
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Kara no Shoujo

Original title: 殻ノ少女

March 1956.Tokyo; a metropolis finally starting to recover ten long years after Japan's defeat in the War. Private eye Tokisaka Reiji accepts a strange request from a girl in Inokashira Park.

"I want you to look for something. Me. My true self."

Meanwhile, a series of bizarre murders is plaguing the area, one where young women are disappearing, only to turn up dead and maimed with their wombs torn out. Seeking assistance on the case, Detective Uozumi Kyozo called up his old friend and former coworker, Reiji.

Ouba Girls Academy, a school on the outskirts of Hoya City. Reiji's little sister attends this school, where two young women have mysteriously vanished. Saeki Tokio, the vice-principal, calls in Reiji to investigate their disappearance, giving him his third case.

Reiji infiltrates the academy as a substitute teacher to glean information from the students - but that's when he meets her once again.

Kuchiki Toko - his first client, the girl who asked him to search for her true self. Her manner is distinctly boyish as she remarks:

"Heya - so we meet again, Mr. Detective."

The body count continues to rise. What should be a simple search for some students is starting to grow out of control. For some reason, the number of missing people and unidentified bodies don't match up.

Who will be chosen as the next victim?

As the endless cycle of tragedy continues, what mysteries lie behind these new cases? Behind a similar series of murders from six years ago?

Perhaps one girl's smile might await beneath the shell of tragedy...

This game by Innocent Grey is provided for you by members of xplay.me and is available for free to download right now. The total size of this game is 3 GB. Try playing other bad true end and private detective protagonist free games to find the best. Check out provided screenshots of this before downloading it to meet the style and the gameplay. Share the link to this game to allow others to discover it. You can find more NSFW games like this using search and tags.

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Download and install instructions

Game is available for direct download from various file storage providers. Install instructions can be found on developer website.

Game screenshots:
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