Just stop the time and etch the story fantasy to RESTART poster
Updated 2022-05-22
Developer rabbitdash
Language original
Total size 223mb
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Just stop the time and etch the story fantasy to RESTART

Original title: ただ時間を止めてエッチする物語 ファンタジーへん RESTART

■ About the game
 This work was released in 2019 "Just stop the time and etch the story fantasy hen (RJ243955)" of
 It's like a remastered version.As the author grows (it is not clear whether it is ...)
 It is a work that I was allowed to change such as standing picture, CG, character icon and some specifications.
 Also people who played "Story fantasy to just stop time and etch"!
  And those who don't!Please try to play by all means!!

■ Game content

 The main character was mistaken for a human being by God's carelessness and came to the fate of death.
 In return for the hero's longing for the world "fantasy world"
 I get the "magic to stop time" and reincarnate.
 However, by the demon as soon as reincarnation, I taste the fear on the verge of death again.
 The hero decided to retreat to the town.
 to master the magic that stops time...?because of desire...?To start experimenting with girls.

 This work is created in "RPG Maker MV" but it is not an RPG.
 We have taken the form of a game so that you can feel the "magic to stop time" realism strongly
 It is a game like CG collection that can not get out of town, just stop the time and commit a girl.

 Basic H scene CG10 sheets 117 sheets including the difference.Standing picture basic 10 sheets including the difference It has become a composition of 101 sheets.

■Operation key list

 Z key --- Decision (space・Enter is also possible to substitute)
 X key --- Menu, Cancel
 Arrow keys--- Move to each direction
 Shift + Arrow keys --- Move fast
 Shift key during a conversation with a girl --- Hide text (press it again to display it)
 A key --- Stop the time (press it again to move the time)
       (BGM stops at the time of time stop and the world becomes white)


 本作品は2019年に発売した「ただ時間を止めてエッチする物語 ファンタジーへん(RJ243955)」の
 「ただ時間を止めてエッチする物語 ファンタジーへん」をプレイした人も!






 Zキー・・・ 決定(スペース・Enterでも代用可)
 Xキー・・・ メニュー、キャンセル
 矢印キー・・・ 各方向への移動
 Shiftキー+矢印キー・・・ 速足での移動
 女の子との会話中にShiftキー・・・ 文章を隠す(もう一度押すと表示します)
 Aキー・・・ 時間を止めます(もう一度押すと時間が動きます)
       ( 時間停止時はBGMが止まり世界が白くなります)

"ただ時間を止めてエッチする物語 ファンタジーへん RESTART" by rabbitdash is available for you by xplay.me and is available for free download. All files of the game is 223 MB. Try out other totally happy and male protagonist free games to find the best. Take a look at the screenshots of "ただ時間を止めてエッチする物語 ファンタジーへん RESTART" before downloading it to learn more about genre and gamepay. Share the link to this game to allow others to discover it. You can find more games using search by tags or by category.
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