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Updated 2022-06-15
Developer 大和ふみ
Language original
Total size 390mb
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it's full of juice!Kotatsu Etch

Original title: 汁だく!コタツエッチ

Kotatsu secret room sex while becoming sweaty!
It is Steaming so as not to be noticed by the surrounding friends And climax secretly in Kotatsu!

【Tomboy girl and docile boy】
A cheerful childhood friend Lori's daughter is also active in naughty things

My parents are both working and I'm late to go home, so I call my friends home and spend the day late.
Girls of the age are also interested in naughty things.
Together, they enter Kotatsu and make various temptations to the boy!

I have been showing off my pants, and I have touched my dick secretly even though I have other friends…
Even though it is puzzled, I am addicted to the exciting daily given to girls

All you want to be naughty naughty in Kotatsu to cheerful and cheerful Lori girls!
The story of "sweaty etch" in the Japanese winter tradition, steamed steaming Kotatsu!

【Secret in Kotatsu】
A tomboy Lori girl who puts a naughty prank on Shota in Kotatsu, Mikan.

To Shota・kun (the main character, Kaito), deliberately open the miniskirt to enter the Kotatsu casually!
In addition, I invite a female friend who does not notice Kaito inside to Kotatsu

- let shota ejaculate so that others don't notice.-
While surrounded Kotatsu with all friends, naughty mischief is planted in the sea Doo secretly
Endure the intense pleasure given by the random technique of the girl, can you behave so as not to barre to friends around!

○Mikan who sat next to Kaito, lead to ejaculation by handjob in Kotatsu so as not to be noticed by other friends
  The semen of the Sea Doo that stuck to the hand of the Mikan is played until it is casually licked in front of everyone

○ Draw the hand of Kaito in Kotatsu next to other friends, Mikan climbs violently to touch his secret hole
  The love juice of the orange attached to the hand of Kaito, play until let Shota-kun lick it

○.The tangerines that dived in the kotatsu pack in your mouth as it is!
  Play until the semen that was ejaculated in the mouth to Kaito to get out of Kotatsu at the timing that a friend left Kotatsu

○ Despite the fact that there are friends, secretly climax together to masquerade each other's genitals in Kotatsu
  It becomes sweaty and both of them cum violently at the same time!... Until you play

No more trap levels!Many of the various sweaty play in the steamy behind closed doors space called Kotatsu!

[Sweaty etch situations that escalate further]
○Sweaty more!Dive into the futon ○
Into the futon so that we warm each other‥‥
The two who do not fit naughty excitement is a situation that becomes sweaty more!

○ Sweaty juice Mashimashi ○
The room exceeded 30 degrees due to the air conditioner that became inoperable!
Even sweaty situations!
Paradise release of the naked inevitable!

















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