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Updated 2020-06-14
Developer Jinsei tsukoudome
Size 1gb
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This game was developed out of personal interest in the "netorare" genre. This is the 6th in a series with this theme.
One by one, the cute girl in class, the girl he likes, the new girl, and his childhood friend are seduced by a flashy cuckolder.

Cuckoldry / netorare

* This story has several girls but the lion's share of CGs and scenes are with childhood friend Mizuki.

This game sets a new record for text length, totaling 1300kb (previously: Honto no Kimochi (True Feelings) 1000kb).

37 base hentai images and 40 rewatchable H scenes. Including variations, approx. 800 total images.
Artwork and coloring is by "Kasukazu".

Girls are fully voiced with over 5500 spoken words.
Featuring the talents of Rio Kirika, Shiho Bubaigawara, Yuzuha Nagase, Ren Momoka.

Makoto Hirata was a pessimist who struggled to connect with people. He best relationship was with childhood playmate Mizuki.
One day, Makoto saw school "playboy" Hasegawa having sex with a girl classmate.
Discovering a kind of thrill in the act of watching, Makoto continued to spy on Hasegawa.
But, soon the cad moved in on all the girls Makoto knew and cared about... and finally the only one he could call a friend.

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