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Updated 2021-04-12
Developer Fogimi
Rip by mikocon

Rip by s-hentai

Interspecies Sex Solitaire

● Synopsis
It is a game where a woman adventurer Lucy dives into a dungeon full of monsters and goes in search of treasures.
Avoid, or deliberately wake up, heterosexual situations that may occur、
Let's aim at the deepest part of the dungeon.

● Game content
Do you know the game genre of solitaire?
It was not a game that arranged cards vertically(Klondike)that was in the old computer.、
Card games that play alone are collectively called solitaire.

And this game is also gullible solitaire.
Of course recommended for those who like card games、
It is also recommended for those who want to play erotic games.

● Volume
Basic CG10 sheets+standing picture+title difference many
1 play In about 5 minutes, I think that it takes about 5 minutes×10 times to clear the advanced level.
The total release of the element is assumed to be about 20 more times from there.

There is CG all release function.This work is made by Unity.


Adventurer Lucy enters a dungeon full of monsters in search of treasure.
She must avoid, or purposely get into interspecies sex situations,
and try to make it to the deepest level!

A single player card game (not the one you're thinking of) featuring interspecies sex situations.
For lovers of card games that wish those games had a little know, interspecies sex.

10 base CG + pose art + title + variations
~5 minutes per game, roughly 5 minutes x 10 to clear the highest level
+ an extra ~20 rounds to unlock everything

CG full unlock feature included
Made in Unity

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