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Updated 2021-07-11
Developer Party Nights
Version 1.08
Rip by mikocon


Innocence Destroy!!!

Two girls, famous in their own VR game, log in to a rival game...
What mad destiny awaits in their new environment...?

Over 80 base CGs!

An orthodox RPG where you advance through the map to advance the story.

Ar*sa and S*zuka start the game as virgins.
Sexual things happen to them as you play, and of course, you can also go for a full-on fuck.
Their virginity may also be stolen from them. But no matter what happens, the bad memories will get rewritten with pleasant ones. But the lessons their bodies learned will never be forgotten... What effect will it have on them in the real world?

This is a heavily rape-focused game. But don't worry, that's not all the girls will get up to.

Fill in the gallery, complete the New Game+ -- there are lots of ways to enhance the fun! There are also cheats that give you the super-strong equipment you might need if you want to play in quick spurts.
(This is not recommended, as it destroys the game balance).

Skipping events will still get you items and gallery content, so even blowing right through everything will help with completion. There are many ways for the girls to lose their virginity, but you can finish with their purity intact, as well.

There are several parallels with our previous games Innocence Break (RJ158622) and Innocence Crash (RJ220860), but nothing that will affect your enjoyment of this particular game. The erotic content is similar, though.

The demo version has the following restrictions:
- You can only advance to the second dungeon
- Sexual development is limited
- Some events are not accessible
- Specs are somewhat different

Thank you very much for your interest!

This game was created with RPG Maker VX Ace and requires the corresponding RTP file to run.

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