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Updated 2021-09-06
Developer Ibotsukigunte

Infiltrating Agent Emil ~The 3 Torturers ~

It's the year 20xx.
An evil airwave that controls female sexual sensitivity is wrecking havoc the world over.
A government investigation turns up a terrorist organization called the "Fempig Release Front" at the heart of it all.
Top agent Emil is put on the case.

She tracks down the erotic emitter, overrides the password and authorization restrictions,
and enters in the shut-down sequence.
Another mission complete. Or is it?

It seems Emil has been overly exposed to the unseemly airwaves,
and her dripping pussy leads to her capture.

However, the organization has only 3 days to get the password out of Emil before the shut-down sequence concludes, and ruins their plan.
Their only option now is to sexually torture her until she coughs up the information they desire...


In this action RPG, you play as captured agent Emil,
who must resist the brutal interrogations of 3 unique torturers.
Search around for ways to increase your endurance rating before starting the daily interrogation.
If you manage to make it through, it's on to the next one on the next day.

Genres include violation, torture, and other forms of S&M play.
H scenes play out mainly via looping animations, along with some pixel art animations.
The heroine is fully voiced during scenes.

Fans of the damsel-in-distress trope will find plenty to love here!
[Contents / Features]
20 H scenes
Scene replay / pixel art animation replay modes included
Text-skip function included
Easy mode included

Playtime: Approx. 2-3 hours

as Emil: Yuzuha Nagase
as Sexual Trainer Lizel: kokko

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