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Updated 2021-08-12
Developer SweetRaspberry
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Incubus Quest

■Information about the work that can not be written here is published in Cien ■
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The long-running battle between the Succubus and the Incubus
You, who was born as the weakest incubus, are caught up in a fight between Imma
a surprise attack by the succubus almost annihilated the incubus.、
the battle seemed to have been a landslide victory for the succubus.
but you miraculously survived.……
The battle between Succubus and Incubus was not over yet......!

the incubus has only two remaining energy.
you orchestrated with another survivor, prince alvarez.
trying to rebel against the succubus.
but the name of the weakest incubus is not date.
easily attracted to a human woman、
It is out of force to fall......completely without color gimmick
i wonder if i can really stop this fight like this……

■■■Work ■ ■ ■
Product version
HCG: 263 types + (difference) 15 of them are animated
Genre:Battle Fuck RPG
Sexual preference: Soft M ~ M Male received female Upper physique difference Height difference Femdom

Trial version
HCG: 84 kinds + (difference) Some animation


You're a weakling incubus caught up in the long war between incubi and succubi.
A sudden succubus assault wipes out almost all the incubus except you and prince Alvares.
The two of you plot revenge against the succubi, but you're so weak even human women run rampant over you.
Can you really bring an end to this war without giving in to seduction?

263 HCG + variations
15 of the above HCG are animations
Genre: Battlefuck RPG
Fetishes: Soft M, dominant women, body-size disparity, femdom, etc.

[Trial Version]
84 HCG + variations, with some animations

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