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Updated 2021-03-17
Developer karaage-tomato
Rip by s-hentai

Rip by mikocon

In my INN ~宿屋と少女とご奉仕サービス~

2021 year 2 month 23 day
Tips to get to the True End route with the contact from the buyer
It was fixed because it turned out that it was not written accurately.
i'm really sorry.

~ Introduction ~ (Please be sure to read)
- This work is made of RPG Maker MV
- We strongly recommend checking the operation in the trial version
-Please contact us towards Ci-en when there is a problem etc.
i think we can reach the end in about -1 to 2 hours
- We are preparing the event full release items
- The event can be fully released after the true end is reached
- In the trial version, you can play until the end of the 5th day or after viewing a specific event
- You can move to the load screen with the A key while the event occurs
- Q key input to temporarily erase the message window, re-enter to cancel the temporary erase
- Status temporary erase at night phase time S key input, cancel temporary erase at re-entry
- Mouse operation is required in the mini-game, please check in the movie and trial version


Leica, a girl who lives in a rural town

she became a character who was not good at socializing after her mother's illness died.
even a gentle father who raised me with one man's hand will be lost in an accident

In addition, at the funeral, it turned out that his father who ran the inn had a large debt

i gave up that i could not repay the debt and manage it
It was Leica who was worried about whether to fold up the inn, but、
at such a time, the old witch of the guest said that if it becomes a help of the customer service
the magic of clairvoyance of thought is put on the glasses

leica, who tried the magic effect even though she thought it was suspicious
i found out that a boy i knew was looking at me as a sex object.

"...... just do it, let's give up if it's useless」

leica was made to realize that there is a charm as a "woman" as much as possible to herself
he decides to use the magic of glasses and his own body to call guests.――

~ Simple operation explanation~

- Only choose actions in 2 hours of the day and midnight
- New events will be released depending on the status and flags
- Mouse operation is required in the mini-game (Details of the rules are in the work)
- You can check the event opening conditions in the recollection room when you have a specific item

~ Some of the event menu ~
- To see through the preferences of guests of the inn and go to various sexual services at midnight
- It is naughty mischief from boys of the same age who were playing in the sea
- in exchange for a financial loan, a shitty priest orders me to serve.
- In the familiar tool shop Secretly sexual harassment samadhi during the part-time job
- I was going to throw myself into a good atmosphere with a young man.

and so on.
Basically, the game difficulty is low and you can browse H events even if you are playing carelessly
As the renovation of the inn and the status rise progress, its contents also become radical
The masochist girl who was satisfied just by masturbating while reading the erotic novel
Please enjoy the like going to get drunk and silliness in hard play and slave treatment gradually♪

Use 3D Custom Girl
SS introduces paid MOD+performs image processing on its own
Please contact us towards Ci-en when there is trouble etc.

















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