Impregnate! Semen Transfer Project! poster
Updated 2021-08-15
Developer kumao
Total size 189mb  


Impregnate! Semen Transfer Project!

※ Now also, I will do a discount sale only at the time of sale start.※

In our circle, we do not plan to discount except at the time of sale in the future
If you are interested, it is profitable at the time of the start of sales.

※ This work, but we have been fixed under your cooperation to check whether there is a big bug in the trial version in advance
Please check the operation in the trial version in advance, such as those who do not work well, such as the previous work just in case.

--------- I do not recommend it to those who like this-------------------------------------

In this work, Shiva is a robot that leads to pregnancy execution, makes violent words to the daughters.

 there's a nursery.
 Baby-bearer, hurry up and get it!
 After all, this girl can only give birth to a child of 〇 ま sama in the future.

 Because there is a Shiva who sees a woman like a tool, only measures against the declining birthrate are in his head(although he is loyal to the mission)
 If you are not good at doing so, please refrain from purchasing.
 i have a good end to my work up to now.
 It is not in this work.
 It is intended to be conceived as a desire.

You can hardly act other than the purpose of making a child, such as a blowjob scene.

---------- We prepare 4 different situations of pregnancy------------------

3 characters in total(2 famous 2D characters among them) + 11 people in the wall butt situation
We offer a wide range of services to meet your specific needs.
We also introduced situations where only 3 characters fertilize many eggs at once.
I think that you can enjoy a slightly different pregnancy from now.
Even in the wall ass scene, this work also introduces a dangerous day system
It was possible to choose the girl of the danger day at that time and to conceive.
It has become possible to grasp the condition such as dangerous days to some extent.
Popular cross-section also uterine cross-section, vaginal cross-section is of course already implemented.

Of course the animation is still alive!It will move slimy.


This product contains no good endings, and the women are treated as vessels for impregnation, and little else.
Your devoted android assistant Shiva cares more about fulfilling the task than anything else.
As such, the H scenes are focused almost entirely on baby-making sex.


The game contains 3 characters (2 of which are rather famous) + 11 ass-in-the-wall situations.
Enjoy impregnating the 3 heroines with a rather different feel than our previous works!
The ass-in-the-wall scenes also contain a risky-day system for impregnation.

Of course, the ever-popular cross-section cuts and pussy / womb-views are all here,
along with slick and smooth animation!

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