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Updated 2021-04-12
Developer soft empousa
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Imperial Princess Tialice and the Forest Witch

Princess Tiaris adventures to meet the"witch of the forest"that lives in the vast forest
Map search / Mystery solving erotic RPG
The event scene is CG + animation

■ Story 
 gadonia, a frontier kingdom, has been in crisis since its founding
 The impregnable barrier that was erected in the capital disappeared, and the power of the treasure"Protection of Gadonia", which was the core of the barrier, has been lost.

 The first Princess Tiaris follows the legend of the kingdom, beyond the ruins of the north of the royal capital, over the cliff of the land
 In order to borrow the power of the"Witch of the forest" alone, step into the mysterious forest created by the witch・・・
 A kind-hearted but innocent girl growing up in a greenhouse passes through the forest, what kind of future awaits you ahead of your adventure・・・

 Will you be attacked by various magical creatures and drown in unknown pleasures, or will you fulfill your mission
 It is a pleasure fallen main, non-humiliation type RPG.

 It is a monster avoidance type, map search type RPG with few battle elements.
■Play time
 About 1.5 ~ 2 hours
■ CG number
 Basic erotic CG16 sheets(many differences)
 Animation Difference 42 scenes

■Other special notice
 - Eroste is available
 - There is a recollection room
 - There is a voice panting in the H scene
■ Notes

This work has been released by KADOKAWA Co., Ltd.
It has been created using 【RPG Maker MV】.

Sorry to trouble you when you purchase, but please be sure to check the operation in the trial version in advance.


An exploration / puzzle-solving RPG about imperial princess Tialice,
who journeys through a huge forest in search of the forest witch.
Event scenes contain CG & animation.
The main theme is pleasure corruption.

Border country Gadonia is in danger.
The protection of "Gadonia's Guardian", an unfailing barrier to attack, has lost it's power.

It's up to imperial princess Tialice to make the dangerous journey to meet the "forest witch",
who can perhaps help reactivate it.

What awaits the kind and naïve Tialice in this mysterious forest?
Will she fulfil her duty? Or will magical monster sex pleasure corrupt her?

- Mainly map-exploration
- Little combat - the game is focused on avoiding monsters

Approx. 1.5-2 hours

16 base CG (+ variations)
42 scene animation variations

[Other Features]
- Ero statuses
- Gallery
- Moaning voice for H scenes

Made in RPG TKool MV.

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