Imperial Knightess Wein's Irregular Life poster
Updated 2021-03-26
Developer Captain Sikorsky
Rip by s-hentai

Rip by mikocon

Imperial Knightess Wein's Irregular Life

*This is a short spinoff based on the circle's previous game "Dummy Princess Yustie Develops a Ghost Town".
However, reading about the characters below is enough to catch you up to speed.

The Kingdom of Costodel.
A small country located in the undeveloped west of the continent.
Protagonist Wein works as a royal knightess, and spends her days honing her blade craft.

But suddenly, it's said there is to be a special knight training camp,
and while there are tens of men, it turns out Wein is the only woman.
They sexually harass her daily like a regular thing.
Can Wein survive the 5-day training with her virginity intact?

As a short game, there are no combat elements.
Trigger events over the course of the 5 days to progress the story.
Each day is composed of three periods: Morning, Evening, and Night,
with different choices of action available to you depending on the period.
There are 5 endings depending on your choice in the final night.

After game completion, the Gallery and all endings are fully unlocked.
Event unlock progress is also saved for replays, but a full-unlock switch is included.

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