Imouto! Life ~Monochrome~ (English ver.) poster
Updated 2021-09-17
Developer inusuku

Imouto! Life ~Monochrome~ (English ver.)

Slowly, little by little, you'll grow closer to each other.
A daily life simulator where you live with your imouto (little sister).

Following her graduation, your sister moves in with you to your apartment,
where you'd been living on your own.

You're suddenly thrust into this life with your imouto.
What kind of brother will you become?

◇◆Game features◆◇

■Life with your younger sister
You'll play as your sister's older brother, and live with her.
You might spend your days going to school, going to work, or maybe even lazing around at home.
During these days, you'll do some physical bonding with your sister.

You'll do things like peeking at her when she's in the bath, and cumming on her while she sleeps.
We recommend this game to people who'd like to steal panties.
There's nothing too hard in this game, so please enjoy it as a casual experience.

■You'll slowly gain access to more activities
At first you'll have to be sneaky...but you'll gradually get to do more things.

Playing games together, going out during the weekend together, doing mischief to her while she's sleeping, having a bath together...
If you put in the time, eventually you might even have sex with her.

■Featuring the Imouto Touching 2.0 system
We've introduced the new touching system: "Imouto Touching 2.0".
Why is it called 2.0, you ask?

"You can caress your sleeping sister's nipples with your left hand
while staring at her panties and masturbating,
or you could toy with her clit and nipples while fucking and kissing her."

Depending on how you play, you might even encounter a scene where the stimulation from your sister's orgasming pussy, resulting from you playing with her clit while fucking her, causes you to cum.

■Featuring OMS, the Oniichan Making System
OMS is a system that allows you to create yourself.
"Student", "Part time worker", "Office worker", "Bum".
All these different oniichans provide a slightly different gameplay experience.
Please enjoy the game as the character of your choice.

■Exploding Imouto
In order to make the game "realistic," we implemented the ability for your little sister to explode (and put an end to your bad behavior... along with the rest of the universe.)

This work is drawn in black and white (monochrome).

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