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Immoral Quartet ~ NTR and the Feelings of Four~

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Pure Love and NTR ADV
Resolution: 1280x720
32 base CGs (not including variations or pose art)
Heroines are fully voiced.

Humanity is in trouble. Daily life has all but disappeared as people die off in droves every day. One month after the event began, only four people remain on a small island 200 kilometers to the South of the capital.

The four of them have gathered in a school building to help each other survive... They collect information, gather food, and at night they snuggle up together for warmth. It only makes sense that there would be some sexual feelings going around...

But when their sex drives start to get out of control, their peaceful existence of survival goes out of control.

[H Scenes]

Includes 4 different routes divided into pure and NTR routes for each heroine.
The pure routes feature loving sex.
The NTR routes feature rape and corruption.
Certain routes include threesomes and foursomes.
Even in a world where there are few people, you can still be in danger of getting found out!

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