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Updated 2022-09-20
Developer ya-ho-games
Language original
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Iceheart and Jack O

Original title: アイスハートとジャックオー

Hypnosis & Humiliation RPG!Basic HCG30 sheets, 60 scenes or more full voice.
(Standing picture H scene, random H event does not count the above number of scenes, the number of scenes)

The wound is not visible, but there are scenes that contain minor limb defect elements.
Please be careful if you are not good at it.
The Lyona element is not the main element, there are also injuries that can occur in the process of humiliation + the above limb defect degree.Please note.

A few incidents occur in a town near the border that flourishes around the Treasure Hunter Guild.
One is "Group hypnosis incident" One is "haunt of strange monsters"、
The other is "the battle of the Ice Heart, the jewel that gives birth to life."
Around the same time, a letter "a girl asks for help" arrived at the Adventurer guild of the big city.
In the letter, there is a finished product of the mysterious aphrodisiac, which is a contraband, and the Adventurer Guild begins an investigation.

The hero who contracted with the devil [Jack-O] in a dying state and won a week's life with its power、
Can you save people from the hands of the devil before their lives are lost in the covenant?…

When the three incidents intersect, the once-lost truth emerges before the Reaper Scarecrow…

★ Heroines that take on the hands of the demon of hypnosis
  The receptionist of the unemotional adventurer guild called "frozen heart" in the shade.
  Maya, the daughter of a self-proclaimed thief.
  Archaeologist Gina.
  The daughter of a cheeky and high-handed aristocrat Shelley.
  Maria, a girl who is about to get married.
  A chaste peasant woman Emma who swore love to her husband.
  If you can not protect them in between adventures, you will be in the hands of the evil of hypnosis without hesitation.

★ Choice of hero (male and female)
  One of the new elements is the choice of the main characters of the sexes.
  A hero with a different status, skill, and identity is somehow dying and losing both his memory and his mind.
  You need to manipulate that empty existence as your alter ego and save people from the hands of demons.

 * The grim reaper Scarecrow, which corresponds to the chronicler of the story, rarely appears until the end because it arrives after the incident.

★ Sudden erotic event
  One of the new elements is a sudden erotic event.
  people who have been manipulated by hypnosis and controlled without noticing、
  You may misidentify common sense or you may misidentify reality.
  If you lose in the dungeon or take too much time to capture the dungeon、
  We can't protect the people of the town, and there may be some change in the town…
★ Hypnotic scene (reality misidentification, hypnosis to deprive the movement, show hallucinations, assault by manipulated human, etc.) in the center、
  There are scenes such as rape by pirates aiming for treasure, cuckold, bottom belly, heterosexual fucking in some.

★DLsite-like limited benefits ● ● of the medal!

★ Symbol of peace of mind encount made 
  Low level cheats are also not impossible.

★ Tricks
  As always, the tricks are hidden here and there.
  Shake off instant kill combos, infinity, hidden passages, and thoughts、
  It is one of the fun to trace and find out the subtle hints.

★ Release all H scenes in relief clear!
  By protecting multiple people from the hands of the devil, the condition corresponding to the so-called virgin clearance is achieved.
  If you do not mind, innocent girls are defiled by the hands of the demon of hypnosis.

★ There are relief elements for people who are not good at RPG.
  if you follow the navigation and get the special equipment early、
  You can choose to kill an enemy with almost 1 shot or a fairly easy capture.
  On the contrary, further hard mode with binding is also implemented.

★ Sanctuary of Wisdom

 A little different from the usual, but the usual sanctuary will also appear.
 You will gain great power by shaking off your thoughts.

★Participating staff
★ Original painting coloring Yuchi-sama
★special Thanks sasAIchi
★ Special voice
 Receptionist (CV Samsung Shieesama)
 Self-proclaimed Righteous Bandit Maya (CV Akiyama Haruru like)
 Emma (CV Fujino Murasaki)
 Archaeologist Gina (CV Aoi Tokio)
 Girl Maria (CV Asagi style)
 Nobleman's daughter Shelly (CV Fujino Murasaki-sama)
 Devil Jack O (CV Akiyama Haruru like)

Other information is updated gradually.See Circle ci-en.







★ 催眠の魔の手にかかるヒロインたち

★ 主人公の選択(男女)


★ 突発エロイベント
★ 催眠系シーン(現実誤認、動きを奪う催眠、幻覚を見せる、操った人間による暴行など)を中心に、

★DLsite様限定特典 ●●のメダル!

★ 安心のシンボルエンカウント製 

★ 裏技

★ 救済クリアで全Hシーン解放!

★ RPGが苦手な人向けの救済要素あり。

★ 知恵の聖域


★原画彩色 ゆち 様
★special Thanks sasAIchi様
 受付嬢(CV三星しえ 様)
 自称正義の盗賊マヤ(CV秋山はるる 様)
 農婦エマ(CV藤野むらさき 様)
 考古学者ジーナ(CV葵時緒 様)
 少女マリア(CV浅木式 様)
 貴族の娘シェリー(CV藤野むらさき 様)
 悪魔ジャックオー(CV秋山はるる 様)


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