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Updated 2021-04-03
Developer hamunekotapioka
Rip by s-hentai

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Hundred Demon's Womb

When an incident causes the city to be overrun by demons, few women are left.
Those that are are hunted by the men, who have turned into little more than lustful monsters.
The demons are a bit more complicated, however...
some want the women dead, and others just want their bodies.

With the city in chaos, can JK exorcist Yaya Fujii keep her sanity?

- 50 base CGs, plus lots of improved art (lineart and coloring changes between scenes),
making for a massive 4,000+ illustrations!

- A stress-free design! Game Overs don't ruin your progress, and there's no blood!
But if you're not into birth or pregnancy, be careful!

- Lewd crests help speed the reproductive process along!

- Clickable ero-animations! Battles are packed with animated naughtiness!

- H scenes change depending on how expanded certain holes are!

- Features a pissing system! Lots of different colors of piss are included.
Do at the store, in the toilet, etc. If you get raped while you're in the bathroom, there'll be a special event...

- A changing battle system!

Animated action battles:
Touch the monsters and the battle begins!
Your abilities change depending on your status!
Exorcist Power MAX: No H, can use super moves
Normal: H and normal attacks
Ero Mode: H attacks only (includes impregnations)
Bad status: H attacks only

Pixelated action battles:
Touch people and monsters to start the battle!
Features attacks you can only do in your exorcist outfit, plus rape.
Pixel art blowjobs, and pixel art sex.
Ero Mode and Bad Statuses use this style

- An erotic status system!

- Lots of different options: difficulty adjustment, graphic stops,
fap support with a click during battles, pose arts you can toggle, and more!

- A detailed menstruation system!
Luteal and menstruating periods: Ero Mode Off
Estrus/non-estrus: Ero Mode On

- A pregnancy and birth system!
Go through all three trimesters, the final month, and finally the baby is borne!
Prevent pregnancy with the "After Pill" item.

- An 8-step transformation system!
Depending on your Exorcist Power, your fighting strength will change accordingly!

- Over 70 types of erotic situations + pregnancy variations
Features everything from blowjobs, car sex, and anal to toilet play, fisting, and interspecies sex!

There are 10 bad endings, and it's possible to clear the game as a virgin!

- Enjoy the gallery mode after you finish the game!
Make sure to run the game with the RPG Maker VX Ace RTP file!

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