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Updated 2021-06-09
Developer Studio Sirocco

Holy Mother Of God

※ There is a netora element in this work.
Please be careful before the purchase if you are not good.

This is the story before the first Bewitching sword.
The main character is Anna (Rose's mother).She has never had a night out with a man other than her husband, and loves her husband Joachim.
However, the person himself does not care, but because of the character that is too gentle, it also meets dangerous eyes......

Joakim(husband).The arms of the sword stand, tall, face is also handsome.she looks perfect.、
Speaking of dissatisfied part, there is a character setting such as - - - - -.

- Game features -
- Battle erotic animation available
- Erotic scene 24 scenes
- Although it is a small amount, a request event will occur at the meetinghouse.
- Even if you lose in battle, you will be able to respawn to a specific location.

- Recommended for people like this -
- i like shota.
- i like boobs ・
- i like ass.
- I like blowjob (Hyottoko, vacuum)
- i like fucking.

- new elements -
- At the time of character operation, it was to always display the action purpose.
- I was able to fly to the recollection scene directly from the menu.

- Other things I want to tell you -
- Now we are planning to update the contents additional.(I am thinking about animating the illustration only.However, since it will be while creating the next work, I think that the update will take a form such as 1 part modification in 1 month or much later, so I hope you can wait patiently (*Report will be in Ci-en article.)
- Because it is a type to stretch when it is praised, I think that there are many terrible places, but please watch over it with warm eyes m(_ _)m
- This work is an RPG, but because you will learn the cheat technique when the story progresses、
Even those who are not good at RPG will not be able to defeat the enemy, so there is no such thing, please rest assured.



今作は初作Bewitching swordの前の話になっています。





・褒められると伸びるタイプなので、ひどい箇所が多々あるかと思いますが、温かい目で見守ってあげてやって下さいm(_ _)m

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