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Updated 2021-07-10
Developer Sunflower Drill
Rip by mikocon



Harem Island ~My Seed Will Save This Sacred Place~

The protagonist has just received a dream invitation to "Harem Island",
so he promptly uses up his company vacation time, and boards the first available ferry there.

The island is full of young and beautiful women, 31 in total including the receptionist.
And they're all naked too.
It seems the protagonist's seed is needed to bring plentiful impregnations and prosperity to the island.
It's the dream situation, but the protagonist has only got 1 week.
Will his dick last!? Just how many girls can he impregnate!?

63 base CG
Ejaculation / climax variations included!
31 heroines to choose from, with many endings, and a bonus harem true ending that unlocks the Gallery!

The girls aren't just going to open up their legs for you off the bat.
You need to communicate with them properly, and make use of various parameters if you're going to impregnate everyone in time.
Yes, strategy is needed, but it's all worth it.
If you manage to impregnate everyone, perhaps a reward awaits you...?

- Your choice of genres - There is plenty of foreplay to enjoy. Penetration isn't everything!
- Affection meter - This parameter affects dialogue and sex with the lovely heroines
- Date events - Dates differ depending on the heroines, and include sexual encounters, mini-games, etc.
- Lots of parameters - Endurance, Sperm Level, Affection, Impregnation Chance all play a part in your strategy.
- Items - These aren't strictly required, but give you some fun options. You can buy presents for girls too!
You can work jobs, go fishing, etc. to earn money for items.
* A cheat is included to start with tons of money if so desired.
- Girl Index - Check everyone's status with this handy feature,
- Harem experience system (with reverse?)
A high enough affection unlocks the harem option.
However, a low affection will send the lot of them scampering away from you.
You could chase them down, and creampie them, but they probably won't like that either...

Made in RPG TKool MV

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