Gravure Filming with HYPNOSIS! poster
Updated 2021-11-28
Developer Almonds & Big Milk

Gravure Filming with HYPNOSIS!

Yuiko Akino is your agency's top-selling gravure idol,
but much of that is in part to her rabid cult following.
Just strands of her hair can be auctioned off for thousands.
Today, you're with her beachside for another shoot, but there's a dark twist to this one.

See, the agency has fallen on hard times, other idols are fleeing the sinking ship,
and the you've even taken on a massive debt.
You and the rest of the agency need Yuiko to shoulder even more of the company's hopes,
and it just so happens there is a good way to do it: a hypnotist.

With Yuiko hypnotized, she can't turn down any request,
so you're free to take whatever photos you please,
including those rather forbidden sexual ones that sell the best...

Illustration: Kou

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