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Updated 2021-03-13
Developer Hiwatari Honpo

Language eng
Version 1.05
Language jap
Version 1.04

Gran Ende

* Story

Iria was a war orphan. She grew up in the countryside.
Now that she was old enough she wanted to see the world.

She began her journey but soon realized how unprepared she was.
A lone girl on a big adventure requires money and experience.
With the help of a lady named Naju, she made it to the city of Trielebe.

First she would need enough money to survive----.
It was easy enough getting work as a dungeon explorer,
but that was where things took a turn and she was involved in an incident.

* Game system

This is a quest and dungeon exploring RPG with the city of Trielebe as your base.
Many events can be seen based on Iria's reputation, appeal and lewdness.
Amid requests, side jobs and a confluence of erotic encounters,
the ultimate goal is to help Iria resolve the incident she's been drawn into.

* About H events

H events often happen in the city.
High lewdness will reveal otherwise unseen events.
Look for the heart mark when Iria's lewdness is high.

There are 34 base CGs (not counting pose art)

Requires RPG Tkool VX Ace RTP (free):

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