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Updated 2020-09-04
Developer princia
Rip by s-hentai

Goodbye Sister

[An animated RPG]

In this RPG, you play as a nun who is not skilled in combat.
You must use prayer to exorcise monsters, thus damaging them.
However, when strong monsters appear, it might be better to run.

The nun's pose art is animated during dialogue.
Naked, suggestive, sexy clothes clothes variations are included.

Save points are added before big choices, so you can decide what choice suits you best.

Of course, the H scenes are animated as well!


In a small rural village of a certain kingdom, there was a nun rumored to be of immeasurable beauty.
She served God diligently, and performs exorcisms on wild monsters troubling the village.

One day, the church Hierophant appears, and attempts to form a physical relationship with her.
After refusing, she is branded a witch, and is forced to escape...

[H scenes]

Event scenes include smooth animation, with lots of attention paid to minor details,
from pulsing penises, to her heaving breasts.

Contains interspecies sex, gangbang, and other rape situations, with lots of cream.

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