Goblin Burrow: I'll Borne Patch 1: Humiliation Upgrade poster
Updated 2021-09-14
Developer peperoncino
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Goblin Burrow: I'll Borne Patch 1: Humiliation Upgrade

Each daily life is defiled by the desires of the beast──.

※ This work becomes the upgrade data of"simple unit operation possible"corresponding to"burrow I'll born of the goblin".
 Even if you do not have the body data, including the character of the trial part, you can capture the heroine of 3 people.
 As you cannot combine it with unmarked version"burrow of the goblin"(RJ291561), please be careful.

◆ We have announced the latest information on Twitter

◆ Story
do you know goblins?

A small fish monster that likes mischief and vice, and gets lost in the habitat of humans, easily eliminated and annihilated.
Sometimes, and achievements of fledgling adventurers, it will be subject to arm test.
because i'm a goblin.

They also inhabit this continent.

This land is made up of numerous nations and peoples.
Various communities coexist, make peace agreements with each other, and are connected by trade.
The soil of peace is nurturing a lot of attractive females<heroines>in a relaxed and energetic manner──

oh, my god, my god, my god, my god, my god, my god.

To plunder.To reproduce.To breed.

The survival strategy of the weakest monster, which only dreams of prosperity to guide it, has begun fetal movement.
How they will affect this continent ... no one knows yet the answer.

In fact, the world of goblins is very close to people's lives.
Well, you too, why don't you take a peek......?

◆ How to proceed the game
Sneak inside, of the goblin burrows.
Let's divide the flock into【Plunder Army】 to attack the outside world, 【Defense Army】to protect the safety of the burrow.

In the Goblin army freely composed, do battle.
Raid the loot destination on the field and get a number of items.
Or you can attack the enemy to subdue the Goblins and protect their precious lives.

Goblins are weak and sacrifice in battle is inevitable.
but it's okay! The Goblin's weapon is a strong libido and fertility.
The female, who was defeated in battle, was taken back to the burrow and captured and imprisoned.
We aim to supplement and expand the herd by addressing the species goblin.

If the mother has special skills, it can also be passed on to the child.
If you multiply it well, you may be able to produce powerful individuals that are not normally possible......?

To the born baby, give a meal and parameter UP.
Strengthen the entire burrow and embark on the plunder of a variety of prey scattered across the continent.
The more generations goblins grow, the stronger they become.
How far the burrows you observe evolve and develop depends on your choice......

◆ Human×2, elf×1 To the peace of the continent, the further difference color…

3 new heroines are added!
There were still more, life patterns unique to the continent, expand the world view.

Can you reach the triad of hope, tragedy, and additional endings?

Of course, the material to the dinner function is also added.
As much as the number of goblins, the number of dishes that decorate the table will increase......!


This is an update to "Goblin Burrow: I'll Borne" that includes three new heroines!

Please be aware that this patch is unrelated to the original game "Goblin Burrow (RJ291561)".

It is specifically for "Goblin Burrow: I'll Borne" and can as an update patch to the Retail Version

OR played standalone, by applying it to the RJ324247_trial.zip Trial Version / Demo data.

Check out our Twitter for more information!

Three new heroines are here! You've only seen a fraction of the world, and there are all sorts of new places to conquer, and new girls to capture... Each girl has her own hopes and dreams, but will you reach the ending?

There are also new ingredients, plus some dining implements!

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