Updated 2021-01-01
Developer CircleKAME



■Even if you meet the recommended specifications, since there may be problems such as PC environment dependent, please play the trial version before purchase.

■ EP (episode)it is a series of Series Short Story style hero is changed for each.To put it simply, it is D○IV.RPG part compared to the previous work has become a compact content.
In addition, in this series,"conversion system" is adopted, it is possible to take over the play data for each EP.(Since the appearance character changes for each EP, equipment etc. will also be recovered until EP clear, you can not play like"new game strong from the beginning)

■Compared to our circle past works, it has become the content along the original to some extent.

■It is recommended for such people.
- Those who like to fight la○Bec heroines fit H eyes.
- Those who can love even if you pull out the fallen angel and the maid from the Fallen Angel erotic maid.
- People who like clothes H.
- Those who Moe to topless and bottomless.
- There is a prostitution element.

■Basically there is no game over(except some badend)

■ [CG production】
- I was in charge of Ro-Dokku No. 2 and Takami-Sama of the open air market.


* Please confirm system compatibility via the trial version before purchasing.
Meeting recommended operational specification does not solely mean that
this game will certainly work on your computer properly.

* This is one of the episodes in a series consisting of short works,
of which the protagonist is different in each episode. To sum up, it's D*IV.
The save data is transferable among different episodes thanks to its "Convert System".

* Along with the original story compared to our previous works.

* Recommended for those who:
- love to see fighting light novel heroines face H tragedy
- love an ero fallen angel maid even if fallen angel and maid are removed
- love clothed sex fetishism
- feel moe toward topless / bottomless
- love prostitution situations

* Basically, this game contains no game over (except some BAD END).

* CG Production: roodokku #2 / Takami Nao

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