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Updated 2021-01-24
Developer The Church of NTR


Gambler's game

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概要 overview

It is a game to compete with the men who aim at the heroine by illegal gambling.
If you win, the relationship with the heroine will also progress,and if you lose, the heroine will go to the other man......!
If you continue to lose,the relationship between the heroine and the man may progress more and more......?
It has a multi-ending system, and there are also various ways to be taken down.
Can you safely protect the heroine from the hands of other men and be connected with the main character??

▼ Story

Kazuki, the main character, was spending a normal day with Ayano, a childhood friend.
An invitation to the ultra-popular resort"Mirana Island"arrives to the former of such two people.
Kazuki tries to refuse to go to the smell, but she decides to go with Ayano's strong recommendation.
The man who sent the invitation appears to the two of them who stayed at a luxury hotel and enjoyed the island of Milana all day.
He was the owner of the hotel and the organizer of the illegal gambling"gambler's game".
Kazuki, who was forced to take over the $ 4 million debt that his father once owed、
In the end, the gamblers would be forced to participate in the game.
It is the ownership of Ayano who secretly thinks that Kazuki who does not have money is made to bet.
It was Kazuki who refused, but Ayano who raised the name of if for Kazuki will participate in the game.
As a matter of fact, Kazuki is able to repay the debt safely while protecting Ayano......?

H scene

The H scene is a total of 38 scenes.
There are 9 basic illustrations, but the content of the scenario is different.
The H scene moves slimy with animation.
The event scene is full voice.(CV:RIA narumori)
There are over 1500 lines!

There are various scenes from loss of virginity to pleasure fall.
It is a real expression of the conflict of the heroine's heart.
There are four routes.
Please enjoy the various cuckold way.

Multi-ending method.
There is also a diary of the first experience by the heroine.


He is a cheerful childhood friend.Boyish.
She is a young woman who has been caring for the main character since she was a child and is like an older sister who pulls on her.
She is secretly in love with the main character, but is afraid that the relationship will break and can not confess.
For the hero who is in trouble, I chose the path to become a product of gambling from myself.

"Maki "』
The mother of the main character.
The father of the main character once participated in the gambler's game......?

"Kazuki "』
He is the main character of the film.
In exchange for the debt that his father once owed, he was forced to participate in the gambler's game.

Gamblers game organizer.



A game of illegal gambling and filthy men lusting for a virgin heroine.
If you win, your relationship will progress with the heroine, but if you lose,
one of those other men will have her instead...!
Keep losing, and she'll start to prefer the other men too..?

Are you a bad enough dude to protect the virgin heroine?
An NTR game with 4 endings!


Protagonist Kazuki has been getting on well with childhood friend Ayano.
When they receive an invitation to a popular resort, Kazuki is hesitant, but Ayano insists they go.
While enjoying the luxurious hotel, the sender of the invitation appears;
the owner of the hotel, and the organizer of the "gambler's game".
It seems Kazuki's father once racked up a huge debt, and that debt has been pushed onto him.
Kazuki is forced into the game, and since he has no money, his only collateral is Ayano.
Can he win out, pay off the debt, and escape without his childhood friend getting cucked?

[H Scenes]

9 base illustrations
38 H scenes
H scenes contain smooth animation.
Events are fully-voiced (CV: Kanon Yuugiri) --1500+ lines!

Genres include deflowering to pleasure corruption


- Ayano
Your tomboy childhood friend.
An almost sisterly figure to you, she is hesitant to confess her love,
for fear your relationship might be endangered.

- Maki
The protagonist's mother.
It seems the protagonist's father has also dabbled in the gambler's game?

- Kazuki
The protagonist, who is forced into the gambler's game
after being forced to shoulder his father's gambling debt.

- William
The organizer of the gambler's game.

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