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Furry Ear Girls Never Betray

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[Product Info]
- Genre: Lewd fantasy RPG
- Resolution: 1280x720
- Base CG Count: 40 (not counting variations, standing portraits etc.)
- Animations: 8 types (not counting variations. Sub-events only.)
- Voice Acting: Heroines during H scene, Main story
Created with RPG TKool MV1.6.2
* Please confirm system compatibility via the trial version before purchasing.

Travel with your cute companions!
As the male protagonist, you'll be joined on your sojourn by two main heroines, and
plenty of sub-characters as you seek to return your commonwealth to normalcy after
it gets overrun with lewdity.

During your journey, you may end up with a girlfriend.
But depending on your actions, the ending might change.
Will you live happily ever after, having delightful sex all the while?
Will the enemy cuckold you by fucking her with their much larger penis?
Perhaps other girls will join up, and form a harem!
5 endings in total are included!

The main story contains defeat H, persuasive H, and plenty of sub-event H as well.
Prowl about the red light district in town, and take in some pixel-art brothel delights.
Includes scenes of heroine sexual harassment, prostitution, working at a brothel, etc.

[H Scenes]
Contains a variety of situations, including:
NTR, sexual harassment, prostitution, defeat, prostitution, rape, interspecies,
drugged sex, preg-belly, pure love, prostitution, and more!
The heroine is fully voiced in H scenes, with tons of lewd language!
Of course, lots of ero statuses are included as well!

Debaucherous part-time jobs, wet-pantied sloppy fellatio,
massive vibrator punishments, ass spanking, bukkake,
aphrodisiac-laced NTR penetration, this game has all the classics!

[Other Features]
- Virgin completion possible
- Multiple play-throughs possible
- Multi-endings
- Difficulty settings
- Voice on / off
- Animation on / off
- Message Skipping
- Window Obscuring
- Back Log
- Reminiscence/Replay Mode
- A variety of costumes reflected in pose art

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