Femboy Holy Order Rascal poster
Updated 2021-06-02
Developer Yanmarumaa

Femboy Holy Order Rascal

(English product description provided by the circle)

■ Overview

Ecchi event CG is for 95% Femboys!
Almost all event CGs include Femboy / Shota's naughty situations, but there are also reverse rapes by female characters!

In this RPG, 3 Femboys and Shota can be operated, and when you rearrange the parties, the HP gauge will be displayed on the right side of the screen (For details, please check from ◆ Point ☝… below).

It is highly recommended for those who want to see a lot of "I want to operate Femboy!"
And "Scene where Femboy and Shota are being raped / Ecchi between Femboys"!!
In addition, although battle mode and search mode are introduced in this work, it is a low difficulty game so that it will not be difficult to play without being able to clear it.

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