Female Brave Iruru Lustful Magical Forest Complete Version poster
Updated 2021-04-14
Developer nullnullfullido
Total size 453mb
Version 21.04.08


Rip by s-hentai

Rip by mikocon


Female Brave Iruru Lustful Magical Forest Complete Version

An RPG about a brave heroine with a strong sense of justice who becomes lewder and lewder
as the ambushing enemies, ero attacks, a witch's plot, and devious traps erode her purity.
The more sexually developed and pleasure corrupted she gets, the more difficult progression will become.
Watch as a prideful heroine is betrayed by her genitalia, and eventually comes to desire the violation awaiting her...

Breast milk spewing from her nipples with attacks
A sensitive body that might climax from only walking
A labia lusty for love-juice
A slimy and slippery pussy that drives her wild
A womb that thirsts for more cum.
An addicted anus that desires more pleasure from foreign objects.
An urge to urinate that's about to reach it's limit.
The freedom and release of a good climax.

Monsters looking to exploit the heroine's developed body!
A heroine trying hard not to submit to the pleasure!

As her body becomes more and more erotic, eventually just the sight of tentacles will
get her pussy wet, the sight of a slime monster will get her nipples hard. And just walking
will cause her to start masturbating without even realizing it, and make her go wild
in desperation for semen.
She grows not stronger, but weaker as she's sinks into the pits of pleasure...

But she can't give up, no matter what!
No matter how much she must pleasure herself,
no matter how many orgasms she experiences, she must push on!
Can she hold in her burning desires and sensitive body,
and defeat the lewd traps and monsters of the forest!?

Do you best, Iruru!

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