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Updated 2021-05-18
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Fallen Sorceria

※ Update history
ver 1.01 Bug fixes, changed to be able to fully release CG before clearing
ver 1.02 Bug fixes, "Magic tool use "to"PageUp","magic tool switching"to"PageDown" corresponding

※ When you start the game, be sure to go from"Title screen"→"Options" → "Keyboard settings"
Please set the button of"Magic tool use" and "magic tool switching".

In order to save the heroine who fell into the hands of the villain, it is a search ADV to unravel the mystery by exploring the mansion.
Scraping the eyes of the monster released by the man, get"magic tools"and key items to sleep in the mansion、
Let's explore how to use them to defeat the bad guys.

It is an adventure to explore the mansion.
the mansion is patrolled by surveillance monsters released by the bad guys.、
As soon as we find the player, we will approach to catch him.
i scraped their eyes and collected the items and information that were scattered around the mansion、
Let's explore the means to defeat the villains.
By getting a"magic tool"that sleeps in the mansion, various actions will be possible.
(Example of magic tool)
- Guide monsters with flash bullets
- Shoot the pillars of fire to destroy the enemy.

■ H Event related
Number of basic event CG ... 21 sheets (each with difference)
H Event scene...about 30
There is a costume and expression difference in the standing picture of the heroine.
The contents are all torture, cuckold and multiple play by the villain.
(There is no pure love H scene with the protagonist)

< Production>...i have to.
Mail:[email protected]
HP: In preparation

※ If you have a bug report, etc., please contact the above e-mail address

< Characters and Event Illustrations>...Denden Taiko

< Part background illustration>...

※ This game is produced in"RPG Maker MV".
※ Please purchase it after performing the operation check in the trial version.


Save the captured heroines!
Slip past the enemy, and find the key items required to advance, and defeat the villain.
An exploration ADV.

A mansion-exploration adventure.
Monsters patrol the grounds, and will hound the player if they catch them.
Certain magic items inside the manor allow you to perform different actions,
such as misleading or destroying monsters

[H Events]
21 base H events (with variations)
Approx. 30 H event scenes
Pose art costumes, expression variations included.

Includes villain sex training, NTR, orgy play (there are no pure love scenes with the protagonist)

Mail: [email protected]

Character / Event Illustrations: denden taiko

Background illustration (partially): AkaiChaba

* Made in RPG TKool MV

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