Fallen Noble ~Lady Lycia's Struggle~ poster
Updated 2021-10-23
Developer Iron Chain Council

Fallen Noble ~Lady Lycia's Struggle~

Countess Lycia has lost her lofty position, and must work together with her trusty servant Rosetta to get it back.
She'll need to raise her fame by fulfilling adventuring contracts, and Rosetta must acquire the capital to support her.
How these girls grabble with the cold reality of the world is up to you.
Toggle between the two characters freely, adventuring as Lycia, and raising money as Rosetta.
These two girls must cover for each others' deficiencies if they're to succeed!

Genre: Quest-based H Battle RPG
CG / Scenes: 84 base CG (827 variations), 62 scenes (excluding battles), 8 animations
Playtime: 8-10 hours
Features: Difficulty selection, auto-text, scene reminiscence, backlog, symbol encounters
Production Tool: RPG TKool MV

Save data from the trial version cannot be transferred to the full version.

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