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Updated 2022-08-01
Developer suzugusuri
Language original
Total size 208mb
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Fairy Tickling Deception Game

Original title: 妖精くすぐり欺瞞遊戯

---------------------- Game Overview----------------------------------
You can control the Seryudir, who appeared in the previous work, and control the room's gimmicks and
It is a game to put in the tickling trap to guide the good thing Plumir's messing with the item.
mr. seryudir moved to explore the room and mr. purmir followed.
It is divided into turns to explore the room and aim for the goal, Mr. Prumir automatically
It moves in a fixed pattern, so you're thinking about how to get into a trap.
It is the purpose to tickle as much as possible to clear.

About 20 tickling scenes (CG events 8~11 Other small events 4~9)

There are simple animations (blinking and biking)

All the characters that can be manipulated by dot painting are self-made.
        I utilize dot picture of my own in the tickling scene that does not use CG.

Voice There is a voice that is one point
        laughter, etc.

It is all open when you clear the recollection mode game once.

No game over
3 types of endings
        Tickled times + The ending will change for a specific route.

------------------- Points of this game---------------------------------

-Tickling specialized work (there is no insertion etc.)
-Relentless tickling blame and pleasure blame
- There is no need to collect the event (You can know the conditions of the event full release + tickling event in one clear)
-A lot of difference of tickling scene

There are some parts of the brain that you can use, but basically, it's just a little bit of a simple thought.
It has a difficulty level.
The worst because it advances even if it does not take on the tickling trap, it is possible to clear without moving the gimmick at all.
Of course, people who like tickling can also be satisfied with people who are interested
I think that it has become a thing.

----------------------List of tickling situations that appear-------------------------

Magic hand, feather, Restraint chair, Continuous peeing, Blitz, Massage
Tentacle clothes, slime, Ivy, Whole swallow, Aphrodisiac, lotion, bath, wash blame, Electric massage
Tentacles, continuous orgasms, Torture、

I would be happy if there is something that comes vividly.

This game is produced in RPG Maker MV.
Please check the operation in the trial version before purchasing.



くすぐりシーン 約20種類 (CGイベント8~11 その他小イベント4~9)

アニメーション 簡易的なものがあり(瞬きしたりビクビクしたり)

ドット絵    操作できるキャラは全て自作。

ボイス     ワンポイントなボイスあり

回想モード   ゲームを一度クリアすると全て開放されます。

ゲームオーバー なし
エンディング  3種類








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