Explorers of Abyss - Complete Edition ~Going Deeper~ poster
Updated 2021-06-06
Developer Flying Panjandrum

Explorers of Abyss - Complete Edition ~Going Deeper~

- Dense Dungeon
There are not only monsters but also inhabitants and adventurers in Abyss.
Communication and sex with them are definitely fun parts of the dungeon exploration.

- Torch System
You need a torch or a lighting spell to see objects in Abyss.
It is easy to fight and explore in the light but you will get more EXP in the darkness.

- Various Skills
Mapping, avoiding encounters with monsters, unlocking, removing traps from treasure chests, evading pitfalls by levitating...
Ovelia and her allies learn new skills through the way.

- Hack & Slash
Defeating a monster in a burial chamber will give you a treasure chest.
In the treasure boxes are more than 1,200+ kinds of items.

- Clothing Damage
Getting damaged causes their clothes to be torn.

- Boss H Scenes
Some boss monsters attempt to push down and sexually assault heroines.
* there are 5+ boss H scenes.

- Quests
There are about 40 quests with rewards.

- Functions
- Autosave
- 5x Difficulty Levels (the easiest = no battles)
- No Gameover (except some battles)
- Fast Battle
- On/Off Window
- Scene Replay
- On/Off Voices

* Please confirm system compatibility via the trial version before purchasing.


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