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Updated 2020-12-25
Developer Black Train


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Explorer of Iggdrasil

* Story
A girl with amnesia and a mage who has lost both arms meet, and join forces
in order to reach the top of the Tower of God.

The heroine Mei has a sexy body, and the temperament of a natural slut.
Along with a sexually harassing mage,
she navigates a tower filled with ero monsters, ero traps, and treasure...

* Steal weapons from drugged, horny monsters
Combat is made up of on-map encounters,
with an active-time battle system.

When you use healing items during combat,
there is a chance that you trigger a side-effect.

Mei might get assaulted by horny monsters,
triggering different pixel art ero scenes depending on the monster.
(These scenes all reflect the heroine's chosen costume).

After the ero scene, it is possible to take the monster's weapon,
and thus reduce it's attack power greatly.

* A variety of weapons and weapon skills
Choose from 6 types of weapons (sword, dagger, mace, axe, dual-wielding swords, staff)
For each weapon type, there are high rarity variations that come with 1~3 skills.
There are thousands of combinations.
Among them, there are weapons with namesake skills tied to them.

* Jobs & dress-up system
Includes 7 styles to choose from.
Depending on your chosen style, you'll receive bonus stats upon level up.
For each style, there are special weapons that can be equipped to greatly
increase your attack power.

* A variety of fully-voiced ero scenes
In addition to traditional ero scenes, even the pixel art battle ero scenes are fully voiced.

CV: MidorinoLime

* Night activity and immoral eros
At the camp that serves as your base of operations, you can control a support character
as they try to peep on the heroine's nocturnal naughty business.

Approx. 30 base HCG

Created with WOLF RPG Editor
Production Assistance: sugar star ( )

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