Exacting My Loner Revenge on a Perfect Angelic Girl by Sexual Training poster
Updated 2021-08-17
Developer Shimizuan

Exacting My Loner Revenge on a Perfect Angelic Girl by Sexual Training

It was graduation day. I'd decided to confess my feelings to Sumire Tachibana, the angelic class queen.
I was just a nobody, no, below nobody, and she was the talk of the class.
But I decided that I couldn't let this final chance slip.
I left a letter in her letter telling me to meet me in the gym after graduation.
"I've always loved you. Please go out with me"
Her response to my honesty?

"Uum...sorry, who are you?"

My mind goes blank. Unbelievable. How could she not even recognize me?
We were on the same committee! We talked countless times!

"Sorry, but...if there's nothing else, I told my friend I was going to meet them..."

And so in my rage, I throw a rock at her as she's leaving, and it knocks her clean out...
From there, only one thing is in my mind: taking this bitch someplace isolated where I can make her my own.

So I move her to an abandoned storehouse, and so begins her sexual training...


A confinement & sexual training simulation where you try to transform a Ms. Perfect into your personal slut without mind-breaking her into a lifeless puppet.

* Made in Unity.
* Includes voice (w/ screams) and animation
* CV: Pako Shirakawa
* Various parameters denote Sumire's status
* Contains kissing, slapping, titjob, fondling, nipple-pulling, vibrator, electro-shock, milking, sex, anal, etc.
* You can train her until her endurance is 0! A cheat also allows unlimited training!
* Contains multiple endings.

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